Cykel o Spår Uppdaterat 1998-02-26   KONTAKT

The campaign for enlightenment on the consequences for environment and safety of the choice of means of transport

Summary in English


The Swedish Parliament is going to pass an important resolution about traffic politics. The press has not let us know anything about the conditions of the resolution, except for some industrialists' opinions delivered in full page advertisements. We are hereby presenting facts about the consequences of the resolution as well as of the choices of means of transport made by the industry and by everyone.

Some translations:

bil = car
tåg = train
spårvagn = tram
lastbil = truck
sjöfart = by sea
flyg = by air
kolväten = HC, hydrocarbons
kolmonoxid = CO, carbon monoxide
kväveoxider = NOX, nitrogen oxides
koldioxid = CO2, carbon dioxide

Click and read facts about:

How clean is the shuttle train?

How polluting is the plane?

How polluting is the truck?

How dirty will the future be?

How clean will the high-speed train be?

Dirty business in future?

How dangerous is the train? 5.1 car travellers per milliard person-kilometers was killed 1990-1995.

0.22 train passengers per milliard person-kilometers was killed 1990-1995.

How dangerous is the bicycle? Only 1.3 % of pedestrians killed in collisions collided with a bicycle. Only 2 % of cyclists killed in collisions collided with a bicycle.


VTI, The Swedish Road and Transport Research Institute, Meddelande 718

KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, Department of Vehicle Engineering 9420

SCB, Statistics Sweden

SIKA, The Swedish State Institute for Communication Analysis

SJ, The Swedish State Railways

Vägverket, The Swedish Road Administration